• In our educational work we convey multicultural values.
  • We pay special attention to both the German and English language, allowing the child‘s natural learning tempo to determine the pace.
  • The development of individual personalities and social skills of each child is achieved through security and stability at IDC.
  • Observation, questioning and natural curiosity offer us the basis to be able to support a child in lifelong learning (inquiry based learning).
  • Basic trust is an essential component in order for us to have a successful educational partnership and be able to support and compliment families.
  • By sharing knowledge and reflecting on our work, we can try to find new ways to cross borders and be solution-orientated.

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At IDC we lead with and embody the values of openness, acceptance, respect and muliculturalism for  the children and parents. We teach children values such as: love, community, respect, acceptance, appreciation, tolerance and freedom of expression.
We treat each person equally, with respect and appreciation, irrelevant of background, religion, skin colour, gender or language.


We see parents as competent experts in their childrens lives. In this we have confidence and appreciate the opportunity to exchange information and find solutions together when necessary. As competent educators we see our function as supporting and complimenting families.

IMG_5308Scientific Learning

Through a playful method we want to awaken children’s natural interest in observation and asking questions about natural phenomena, technology and occurrences in life. We support curiosity in the children so as to ensure a joy in life long learning.


We provide the opportunity for the children to naturally learn the English and German languages at their own pace. Our attitude towards all languages is open, appreciative, equal and very welcoming.

The Child

We are supporters and guidance companions for the development of the child and through this we give the child security and stability. This provides a safe space for the children to develop their individuality, personality and social skills freely.

Our Team

In sharing with each other we exhibit our appreciation, respect, tolerance, truthfulness, solidarity and initiative. We are open for new directions and we trust ourselves enough to push the borders. We reflect critically on our work together and when conflicts arise we deal with them quickly and find a solution together.