The parents association

The sponsor and founder of IDC is the non-profit organisation Sonnenstrahl GmbH.

The parents association is the sole shareholder and proprietor of the GmbH.

Sonnenstrahl’s board is elected by the parents as part of the general assembly. The board determines, with management, the future development of Sonnenstrahl.

To strengthen parent participation, a parent representative is elected from each group annually. They are the link between the parents and the parent board and the link between the parents within their group.


Parent cooperation

It takes a village to raise a child!

In IDC educational partnerships are very important. By this we mean an equal interaction between parents, children and educators. Basic prerequisites are mutual trust, appreciation, bilateral sharing and co-operation.

Co-operation with parents from different backgrounds

For us, in parental work, the diversity of cultures and languages is of great interest. It is very important to us that the individual biographies of each and every family is treated as equal and appreciated. Therefore, all information, emails, etc. are in German and English.

Information Distribution

Current information is distributed at IDC via email and on the bulletin boards in front of the groups in German and English. To keep up to date, it is important to regularly check the boards and your emails.

Parent Information Evening

At least once a year, IDC has parent information evenings on specific topics. The invitation is issued by letter or email.


Parent Feedback

To assure quality, once a year parents have the opportunity to evaluate us and our institution. Suggestions, inputs and constructive feedback, are welcome, of course, at any time.

Parent Coffee Corner

In our lobby there is the opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee with other parents and make new contacts.

Development Meetings

The development of the child is our first priority. In our daily educational work we encourage many developmental areas of your child. To be well-informed on the overall development of the child, takes time and observation.
A good exchange between the teachers and parents is important to us. Once a year, we have a detailed development meeting for all children 3 years and above. When the meetings are planned, the invitation will be sent by letter.

Quick Chats at the door

Quick chats and sharing information in the doorway are always welcome. For urgent questions about education and development, our educators are at your disposal at any time for appointments.